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OUR LEGACY… AND THE IMPACT OF YOUR INVESTMENT: Have you seen the DLC’s new stewardship report? Not only is it chock full of images of our amazing lemurs, it demonstrates beautifully the huge impact that your support has on the DLC’s mission!

The Duke Lemur Center relies upon donations from individuals like you, who personally invest in our work to protect lemurs and their habitat in Madagascar. To learn more about the DLC’s “return on investment,” CLICK HERE to browse the online version of the new booklet. A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support — we couldn’t do this work without you!

And if you’re considering a purposeful donation today and throughout this holiday season, we’d love for you to choose us! Make a donation in honor of someone you love, and you’ll both feel good throughout the coming year knowing that your donation is making a difference to our work. You can choose someone to honor with your donation and, if you provide an email address during your online payment, he or she will be notified that you honored them!