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INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Eowyn and Merry!

Meet Our “Precious” Newest Additions! At 6:30 AM on March 19, 2024, the Duke Lemur Center’s husbandry staff checked on ring-tailed lemur mom Sierra Mist and discovered that she had just given birth! The twins, born at a healthy 66 grams (male) and 82 grams (female), are the first pair of ring-tailed lemur twins born […]

VIDEO: Parades, Dances, Concerts, and More! Celebrating World Lemur Day in Madagascar

  Every year, we celebrate World Lemur Day in appreciation of the remarkable wildlife of Madagascar. The DLC and our partners in Madagascar collaborate in educational activities to raise awareness about lemurs and interest in environmental conservation. In November 2023, the DLC-SAVA Conservation program partnered with local actors to host a World Lemur Day celebration […]

VIDEO: Relationships between People, Plants, and Lemurs in the SAVA

For some people, the word “rainforest” conjures up vague notions of teeming jungles. But Camille DeSisto sees something more specific: a complex interdependent web. For the past few years, the Duke graduate student has been part of a community-driven study exploring the relationships between people, plants, and lemurs in a rainforest in northern Madagascar, where the health […]

READ NOW: The “Why” Issue of the DLC Magazine

  Of all the animals on Earth, why are we so passionate about lemurs? Of all the islands in the ocean, why is Madagascar remarkable—and so worthy of our conservation attention? In the new “Why” issue of the DLC magazine, you’ll find out!  Complimentary copies of the magazine have been mailed to donors of $250+ […]