FROM THE ARCHIVES: The DLC’s Founding Aye-aye Fathers (and Mothers)

By David Haring, DLC Registrar and Photographer. Originally published in February 2017. The Duke Lemur Center was one of the first modern-day captive breeding centers to house the mysterious and, at the time, little studied aye-aye. (The Paris Zoo and Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust were other pioneers.) Three complicated and arduous DLC capture missions to […]

Happy 35th birthday to Endora the aye-aye!

Happy birthday to our ancient aye-aye Endora, who just celebrated her 35th birthday! She and her enclosure mate, Ozma — who is a mere 33 years old! — celebrated by chowing down on frozen-banana-with-raisins birthday treats made by their caretaker Jodi. Endora is still going strong and has smashed records for the oldest captive aye-aye […]

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Could People Hibernate? Lemurs Give Clues

By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato. Originally published on September 4, 2013 in National Geographic online. View the original here. Pictured: A fat-tailed dwarf lemur peeks out of a tree in Madagascar. Photograph by Frans Lanting, National Geographic.   Ever wished you could hibernate? Ask a fat-tailed dwarf lemur how it’s done. These mini-primates have a talent that could […]

LIMITED EDITION holiday adoption package now available!

This season, give the gift of lemurs! The DLC’s popular Adopt a Lemur program is thrilled to announce a special holiday adoption package featuring black and white ruffed lemur Halley! This special adoption gift is $75 and can be sent to your loved ones anywhere within the United States. We’ve also redesigned our adoption materials specifically […]