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Gift Shop Update: Shipping now available!

New items—including the much-requested and beautiful Rachel Hudson Illustration print—and worldwide shipping are now available through the DLC gift shop! Online orders and FREE shipping (limited selection): We’ve partnered with Duke University Stores to offer some of our most popular items for sale online with FREE shipping within the continental United States, with international shipping […]

Me and You and Zoboomafoo: Free Virtual Event

Join us for a FREE virtual celebration on World Lemur Day and to watch the premiere of our feature presentation video: Me and You and Zoboomafoo! We’ll also offer fun extras and an online auction to extend your virtual gala experience through the entire week leading up to the video premiere! It’s free to register and […]

Senior Giving Week at Duke

This year’s Senior Giving Challenge at Duke University is focusing, in part, on the Duke Lemur Center! Here’s what Duke senior Annabella Helman has to say about her experience as a student at the DLC, and why she’s donating her senior gift to us: The Duke Lemur Center played a large role in shaping my […]

INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Rare aye-aye born at the Duke Lemur Center

The Duke Lemur Center has welcomed another newborn — a rare baby aye-aye. Christened Winifred after Bette Midler’s character Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus, the infant was born to first-time mom Fady on June 24, 2020. She is the second offspring of her father, Grendel, who sired Melisandre in 2019. Fady, Winifred’s mother, came to the […]