2018 Lemur Day Festival in Madagascar

By Marina Blanco, Ph.D., DLC-SAVA Post-Doctoral Project Coordinator The “Lemur Day Festival” was celebrated on Halloween in the SAVA region of Madagascar this year! DLC-SAVA Conservation, along with NGOs like World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and others assisted with the organization and celebrated the day with school students in […]

DATES ANNOUNCED: Magical Madagascar EcoTour 2019

Join our Conservation Coordinator, Charlie Welch, for the trip of a lifetime this summer! You do NOT need to be a Duke alumnus/a to join us for this amazing tour of Madagascar! Lots more info available here, including a gorgeous multi-page brochure: We hope you’ll join us!

Ring-tailed lemur scent-marking — and breeding season!

Six-year-old male ring-tailed lemur Jones may look like he is a lemur somewhat lacking in arms as he sniffs a sapling in Natural Habitat Enclosure #9, but rest assured, he is a well-armed male in the prime of life! His odd posture is due to the fact that, in typical male ring-tail marking behavior, he […]

Fossil Friday: Paleopropithecus, Hapalemur, and Plesiopithecus

“One of my favorite lemurs is this extinct giant lemur called Paleopropithecus. It’s a relative of sifakas, but it’s built in a completely different way. These animals are nicknamed sloth lemurs because they have these long limbs and claws that let them move under tree branches in Madagascar. But my favorite feature is their round, […]