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Health & Disease

Learning from a Loss: The story of Winnie, a rare lemur with an even rarer disease

An aye-aye’s cancer diagnosis brings together veterinarians, doctors, and scientists from NC and around the world  By Sally Bornbusch, Ph.D. Originally published in December 2021 in Issue 3 of the Duke Lemur Center’s annual magazine. On June 24, 2020, the DLC welcomed its eighth infant of the season: a rare baby aye-aye. Named “Winifred” after […]

To Europe, Two by Two: Sifaka breeding program expands internationally

In the summer and fall of 2021, the DLC shipped eight Coquerel’s sifakas to three European zoos, in an historic expansion of the Coquerel’s sifaka conservation breeding program—marking the beginning of a new chapter in lemur conservation. Read more on pages 42-43 of the Duke Lemur Center’s Annual Magazine. Story by Karl Leif Bates. Video […]

Ecology and conservation of lemurs in the COMATSA protected area

Ecology and conservation of lemurs in the COMATSA protected area and importance of the corridor for threatened species Rabevao Edgar (1), Nivolala Audon (1), Tsilanizara Jean Eric (2), Aldo Bezara (2), Rasoamiadana Louisène Olina (2), Dimbiarijaonina Candidier (2), Njakandrina Jeantauné (3), Be Monique Suzanne (3), Feno Telesy (3), Andrianasy Jean (4), Zerimanana (5), Rasolofo (5), […]

Needs of early-career scientists in Madagascar

By Tanjona Ramiadantsoa, Ph.D., University of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar  Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, and without a doubt, education is also in trouble. Moreover, in Madagascar, there is a general sentiment that a university degree is not needed to be successful, and in fact that it is a waste of time. […]