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Someone call Britney Spears, because these triplets are toxic! On August 8, 2023, gray mouse lemur mom Fauna surprised her animal caretakers by giving birth to triplets. Ultrasounds throughout Fauna’s pregnancy had indicated that she was pregnant with twins, so the third infant was delightfully unexpected! Belladonna, the only female of the three infants, might […]

INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Wigeon and Eider!

  On the morning of July 15, 2023, the Duke Lemur Center’s animal caretakers found that fat-tailed dwarf lemur Dominique Chicken had given birth in her nest box overnight to twins, a few days earlier than expected! Eider, the male infant, was born at 21.2 grams, and his sister Wigeon was born at 17.3 grams. […]

INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Two More Baby Mouse Lemurs!

Meet Lunaria! On July 15, 2023, gray mouse lemur mom Teazel gave birth to a single female infant. Mouse lemurs most often give birth to twins, but Lunaria is one of a handful of singletons born this breeding season. Teazel has been a very attentive mom to her new daughter. Because adult gray mouse lemurs […]


On June 12th, 2023, experienced ring-tailed lemur mom Sophia gave birth to the only female ring-tailed lemur infant of the 2023 baby season! Nyx was born on the smaller side at 52 grams, but after plenty of nursing from mom, she weighed in at 77 grams just five days later. Nyx’s parents, Sophia and Randy, […]