Want to put your old smartphone to good use? Consider donating it to the DLC!

“Calling” all lemur lovers! 📞 Want to put your old Android phone to good use? The DLC is looking for donations of Android phones to use with our mouse lemurs and touchscreen cognition studies! In the past, researcher Ray Vagell has used tablet computers for touchscreen color vision research with ruffed lemurs; now, we’d like […]

Thank You, Donors! New ICU kennel purchased and installed

New intensive care kennel elevates tender loving care (TLC) of DLC’s lemurs Published June 4, 2019 When a lemur dies at the Duke Lemur Center, there is a great sense of loss felt by our family of keepers, veterinarians, and an extended circle of others, including visitors who’ve forged special connections with our animals. On […]

Infant Announcement: Nedjem, an endangered crowned lemur, born at the DLC

Welcome to the world, Nedjem! At 3:45 p.m. on April 13, something very special happened: Sanura, an endangered crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus), began to give birth! By 4:02, after 15 minutes of stretching, bracing, and squatting, Sanura had settled into her basket inside her “baby suite” – when her keeper, Jenna, caught her first glimpse […]

Fossil Friday: A subfossil baby lemur

By Matt Borths, Curator of the Duke Lemur Center’s Division of Fossil Primates. In honor of baby Coquerel’s sifaka Marie’s big media debut, here’s a baby lemur from the Division of Fossil Primates! (Seriously, if you haven’t seen the video of Marie that was uploaded yesterday, find your way to it now. The fossils will wait, […]