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Virtual Programs

COVID-19 has disrupted normal operations on an unprecedented level, and we’ve missed having guests onsite to learn about our amazing lemurs. So we’re bringing the Duke Lemur Center to a screen near you—well, minus the unique lemur smells!

Virtual tours are a wonderful way to learn about lemurs AND to support the DLC while our tour path is closed and we can’t rely on our usual tour income, which supplies almost 21% of our annual budget. But, while we do hope to recoup some financial support for our staff and programs in NC and in Madagascar, we also recognize that the coronavirus is affecting everyone, everywhere, in varying ways. To that end, we’ve strived to keep our programming as accessible as possible. Below are several ways to stay involved and to keep learning all about lemurs!

Registration for our Virtual Leaping Lemurs Summer Science Camp is now open! You can click HERE for full details.

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NEW! Lemur Celebration Packages

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, send a unique holiday gift, or just brighten someone’s day—our brand new Lemur Celebration Packages are perfect for any occasion! All Celebration Packages include a fully edited, adorable, and informative video of lemurs enjoying fun enrichment for the recipient to enjoy, and hey, no judgment if that recipient is you—we all need some self care right about now! You can even choose to customize your package AND make a lemur’s day by choosing which species you’d like to receive enrichment to be featured in your exclusive custom video.

DLC Virtual Tour

We’re bringing the full General Tour experience to a screen near you! Our new virtual tour experience takes place over a collection of 14 carefully curated videos, for a total watch time of 1 hour, 15 minutes. Each video ranges from three to 11 minutes long. highlighting each of the species and discussing all the topics that you would see on a general tour here at the Duke Lemur Center. As an added bonus, the videos feature behind-the-scenes footage of the lemurs, giving you an even better close-up look at these amazing animals!

Learning Lemurs Education Subscription

Don’t want the lemur learning experience to end after watching our virtual tour videos? This is the perfect option for you! Whether a gift for yourself or for a lemur lover in your life, this six- or 12-month online subscription is the gift that keeps on giving! In addition to continuous access to our virtual tour experience (so you can “visit” any time you’d like!), subscribers will receive a monthly e-newsletter from the DLC education team featuring articles, activities, and video clips on fascinating topics—and plenty of cute lemur images to get your monthly lemur fix.

Private Zoom Chats with Lemur Experts!

An upgrade from the simpler virtual tour option, our Ask an Expert virtual program is our way of connecting you directly with the incredibly knowledgeable experts working here at the Duke Lemur Center! We’ll work with you to schedule a private ZOOM session with the expert of your choice, so you can take a deeper dive into the fascinating world of lemurs in a live chat. The tour fee includes complementary access to our virtual tour – think of enjoying the virtual tour as the fun homework we’ve assigned before your expert chat!

Virtual Painting Packages

Painting sessions are a fun and engaging enrichment activity for our lemurs, and they result in incredibly unique works of art! With a virtual painting package, you’ll receive a custom video of our painting session with a lemur species of your choosing, using colors you’ve specified to create your very own works of art! Each package will include a downloadable link to your tailor-made video; access to our virtual tour videos and other great virtual content about your lemur artists and the painting process; and a mailed package of your lemur artwork sent right to your home.

Lemur Science! Virtual Lessons (FREE)

Have you ever wondered what a DLC researcher gets up to in the field? Or how to extract and preserve a 30-million-year-old primate fossil? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the unique island of Madagascar, and the DLC’s conservation efforts on-the-ground there? Or how lemurs evolved such unique traits?

You can learn all that and more with Lemur Science! – a bi-weekly online series is hosted on YouTube Live 2-3 times per month. Clicking the link in the previous sentence takes you to the public Facebook event (you can view it even if you don’t have an account!). We sometimes have to adjust the dates and times to accommodate the schedules of the primates involved, so that link is the best way to see accurate dates and time for upcoming lessons. Each lesson, one of the DLC’s very own lemur experts will go in-depth on a lemur-related topic. If you can’t make the live talks, the recordings are also permanently posted on our Facebook page the following week!

As featured in The New York Times!