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We’ve brought the Duke Lemur Center to a screen near you—well, minus the unique lemur smells! Virtual programs are a wonderful way to learn about lemurs AND to support the DLC while our onsite programs are limited and we can’t rely on our usual tour income, which supplies almost 21% of our annual budget.

All virtual tour fees “give back” to the lemurs at the DLC, helping fund the Education Department and paying for lemur care, housing, veterinary supplies, and conservation initiatives. We’re so grateful for your interest and support!

Virtual Painting Packages

Painting sessions are a fun and engaging enrichment activity for our lemurs, and they result in incredibly unique works of art! With a virtual painting package, you’ll receive a custom video of lemurs painting using colors you’ve specified to create your very own works of art! Each package will include a downloadable link to your tailor-made video, and a mailed package of your lemur artwork sent right to your home. This package also makes a fantastically unique and thoughtful gift for the lemur lover in your life!

Private Zoom Chats with Lemur Experts!

Our Ask an Expert virtual program is our way of connecting you directly with the incredible knowledge we have to share from decades of studying and caring for lemurs! We’ll work with you to schedule a private ZOOM session on a topic of your choice, so you and as many guests as you would like can take a deeper dive into the fascinating world of lemurs in a live, interactive chat.

FREE Virtual Options

Virtual Tour: Our new virtual tour experience takes place over a collection of 14 carefully curated videos, for a total watch time of 1 hour, 15 minutes. Each video ranges from three to 11 minutes long. highlighting each of the species and discussing all the topics that you would see on a general tour here at the Duke Lemur Center. As an added bonus, the videos feature behind-the-scenes footage of the lemurs, giving you an even better close-up look at these amazing animals!

Lemur Science! Online Series: As featured in The New York Times! Have you ever wondered what a DLC researcher gets up to in the field? Or how to extract and preserve a 30-million-year-old primate fossil? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the unique island of Madagascar, and the DLC’s conservation efforts on-the-ground there? You can learn all that and more with Lemur Science! – an online series is hosted on YouTube Live several times/month!

Each episode, one of the DLC’s very own lemur experts will go in-depth on a lemur-related topic. Note that we do not have an exact schedule of dates and times since we have to accommodate the schedules of all primates involved, so to stay up to date on when a new lesson is coming, we recommend following us on Facebook or just checking back right here on this page. NOTE: We’re taking a break from this program, but stay tuned on social media for updates!

Onsite Programs

Looking for non-virtual options? Since lemurs are not naturally adapted to cold weather climates, our onsite tours are seasonally dependent. We will fully reopen our onsite tour options in Spring of 2023. Learn more via our onsite tours homepage.