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2021 Annual Magazine—Celebrating 55 Years: The 100 Lemurs project with artist Rachel Hudson; international expansion of the Coquerel’s sifaka conservation breeding program;  an aye-aye’s cancer diagnosis brings together vets, doctors, and scientists from around the world; relaunch of the fossil division as the DLC Museum of Natural History; growth of the DLC’s research program; retirement of conservationist Andrea Katz after 43 years; and the new Anna Borruel Codina Center for Lemur Medicine and Research

2021 Fall e-Newsletter: Online auction, annual gala, protecting lemurs during a pandemic, collaboration with Virginia Tech to provide sumac for DLC sifakas, why study lemurs?

Spring Director’s Forum: The Duke Lemur Center hosted its first annual Spring Director’s Forum on May 13, 2021, with presentations highlighting the DLC’s 2020 Impact Report.

Spring 2021 e-Newsletter: The elusive aye-aye, expedition into the rainforests of Madagascar, former DLC Director named Fellow of the AAAS, Stay Away 5K results, the DLC’s newest residents, and more!

2021 Annual Magazine


Me and You and Zoboomafoo: This feature-length video adventure—created by the Duke Lemur Center in celebration of World Lemur Day on October 30, 2020—is co-hosted by Duke alumnus Martin Kratt, co-creator of Zoboomafoo and Wild Kratts! Through Martin’s story and so many others, Me and You and Zoboomafoo explores how one place, nestled in the forests surrounding the Duke University campus, can inspire a whole world of impact.

2020 Impact Report: We’re proud to announce the Lemur Center’s first annual Impact Report, created to provide each one of you—stakeholders, friends, donors, and fellow scientists, conservationists, and animal lovers—with an overview of what the DLC has accomplished throughout the previous year.

2020 DLC-SAVA Conservation Newsletter: COVID-19 preparedness in northeastern Madagascar, regenerative agricultural support from General Mills, reforestation and agroforestry initiatives, environmental education workshops in Antalaha, the silky sifaka

Winter 2020 e-Newsletter: Holiday gift guide, Endora the aye-aye’s 37th birthday, Me and You and Zoboomafoo free online film, #GivingTuesday gratitude, staff retirements

Fall 2020 e-Newsletter: #BabyWeek2020, annual fall gala, new lemur species discovered, free online educational series, COVID-19 in Madagascar

Spring 2020 e-Newsletter: COVID-19 update, 100 days of lemurs, Mother’s Day specials, NEW Stay Away 5K and t-shirt design contest, online learning


2019 Annual Magazine: 37 years of lemur photography; a conversation with Zoboomafoo creator Martin Kratt; John Cleese-DLC video collaboration; on the trail of ancient primates with DLC paleontologist Matt Borths; a kid’s guide to helping lemurs; a Malagasy folktale

2019 Stewardship Report: The DLC relies upon donations from individuals like you, who personally invest in our work to protect lemurs and their habitat in Madagascar. To learn more about the DLC’s “return on investment,” please click to browse the stewardship report online. A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support — we couldn’t do this work without you!

Winter 2019 e-Newsletter: Holiday gift guide, free shipping for Adopt a Lemur packages, new issue of DLC magazine

Fall 2019 e-Newsletter: John Cleese for Duke Lemur Center, five lemur species added to 25 Most Endangered Primates list, new aye-ayes Melisandre and Fady, acupuncture for elderly lemurs, National Fossil Day

Summer 2019 e-Newsletter: 3,300-pound carnivore discovered by DLC paleontologist, why lemurs matter, new ICU, Malagasy vet training, gala save-the-date, new Executive Director

2019 Annual Magazine

2019 Stewardship Report








Premiere Issue of Annual Magazine: Infant care at the DLC, focusing on the stories of Agatha the aye-aye and blue-eyed black lemurs Ranomasina and Leigh; day-to-day lemur care and enrichment, including two staff profiles; David Haring’s favorite image of the year; conservation in Madagascar; and a tribute to paleontologist Gregg Gunnell

Winter 2018 e-Newsletter: How to (literally) help save a lemur’s life, weathering Hurricane Florence, holiday gift guide, our favorite fall images, egg-eating aye-ayes

Fall 2018 e-Newsletter: Fossils re-write the story of lemur origins, 95% of lemur species on brink of extinction, lemurs can smell weakness, veterinarian Laura Ellsaesser

Spring 2018 e-Newsletter: Strong women of the DLC, Director Anne Yoder named Guggenheim Fellow, fat-tailed dwarf lemur research, DLC launches new program to help lemurs in Madagascar


WINTER 2017: Special tribute issue to DLC’s deceased aye-ayes (Morticia, Norman Bates, Angelique, Merlin), avocado toxicity, first aye-aye born to captive parents, aye-ayes imported from Madagascar, aye-aye husbandry, aye-aye pedigree chart

SPRING 2017 e-NEWS: Alzheimer’s research with DLC mouse lemurs, first infants of 2017, spring Lemurpalooza, Cyclone Enawo, 50th-Anniversary Scientific Symposium videos free online










MARCH 2016: The Lemur Center’s 50th anniversary celebration, Elwyn Simons and the history of the Division of Fossil Primates, color vision research with ruffed lemurs, trip to Madagascar, work-study student experience, geriatric lemurs, and timeline of the DLC’s history

SUMMER 2016: 3284 infants born at DLC since 1966, celebrating 50 years of science, Dame Alison Richards named Plenary Speaker for DLC’s 50th-anniversary gala

MARCH 2016











OCTOBER 2015: DLC annual report, tribute to Oliver Sacks, volunteer and donor spotlights

MARCH 2015: Jovian (a.k.a. Zoboomafoo), subfossil lemurs, fat-tailed dwarf lemur research, species diversity at the DLC, staff and volunteer spotlights


MARCH 2015










OCTOBER 2014: A banner year, DLC annual report, 50 years of research data available online, aye-ayes, lemur training

JULY 2014: Birth season and infants, James Balog, how lemurs fight infection, DLC lemurs’ portraits taken for Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark

FEBRUARY 2014: Provost Peter Lange, trip to Madagascar, remembering Foster (blue-eyed black lemur), IMAX filming, and 3D digital images of fossils using MorphoSource

JULY 2014











JANUARY 2013: Mouse lemur research and husbandry, work-study students, training lemurs for research, Duke Alumni trip to Madagascar, sifaka births, and the Madagascar Rosewood Symposium

JUNE 2013: Duke Initiative for Non-invasive Neural imaging (DINiNi), Charlie Nunn’s research mission to Madagascar, work-study students, fruit bats and primates, birth season, and aye-ayes

SEPTEMBER 2013: DLC annual report, educational offerings (including the “Evening with Experts” seminar series, five of which are archived online), fossil mammals in Wyoming, dwarf lemur hibernation, Dr. Yoder visits the SAVA, summer interns, baby lemurs, and ruffed lemurs


JUNE 2013










MARCH 2012: Tribute to diademed sifaka Romeo, conservation staff nominated for Indianapolis Prize, new winter housing, collaboration with Nicholas School of the Environment, work-study student living in Madagascar, summer of ’66

SEPTEMBER 2012: DLC annual report, mouse lemur colony, lemurs named most threatened mammals on earth, veterinary department, dwarf lemur research, natural habitat enclosures, field work in Sumatra and Australia, and SAVA Conservation project

MARCH 2012










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