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50th Anniversary Scientific Symposium

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Looking back, looking ahead

Since 1966, the Duke Lemur Center has advanced scholarship and biological conservation through interdisciplinary research on lemurs – Earth’s most threatened group of mammals. In doing so, the DLC has brought together scientists, conservation biologists, and educators in North Carolina and in Madagascar to understand and protect these extraordinary animals.

Held September 21-23, 2016, the DLC’s 50th Anniversary Scientific Symposium featured 25 leading scholars from around the world, each engaged in research at the Center. Their talks spanned a vast array of disciplines, ranging from behavior and genomics to brain sciences and paleontology.

Videos of symposium speakers

Videos of each talk are archived online, where they can be viewed at no charge by lemur lovers worldwide.

Gala celebration

The week concluded with a gala celebration at the Washington Duke Inn, with keynote speaker Dame Alison Richard and live music featuring Malagasy singer-songwriter Razia Said.

50th Anniversary Gala