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Inquiries by Type

Tours, Field Trips, Gift Shop

If you’d like to schedule a tour, please visit our tours webpage or call (919) 401-7240.

If you have already taken a tour and have questions or would like to share feedback about your experience, please contact Megan McGrath, Education Programs Manager:

Please do not contact Megan about upcoming tour reservations. Instead, for a much faster response, please email tour reservation questions to

We are unable to offer any items or tour tickets for donation to charity auctions or external fundraisers at this time.

Media, Press, Film, Photo Requests

Sara Sorraia ((née Clark), Director of Communications
(919) 401-7251

If you are a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student requesting assistance with a course project involving photo, video, or audio interview content, please complete our DLC Student Project Request Form and contact with any additional questions.

Adopt a Lemur Program, Lemurpalooza

Susan Fitzgerald, Adopt a Lemur Program Coordinator
(919) 401-7226

If you’d like to symbolically adopt a lemur online, please visit our Adopt a Lemur homepage.

Donations, Gifts, Gala, Sponsorships, Development

Mary Paisley, Development Officer
(919) 401-7252

Browse through all of the Duke Lemur Center’s donation options on starting on the DONATE page of our website. Our wishlist is handled separately through Amazon, via this link. Mary does not handle tour ticket donation requeststhese are handled by the DLC’s tour and education staff.

Madagascar Conservation Programs

If you have questions about the Duke Lemur Center’s work on the island of Madagascar, please contact Charlie Welch:


Erin Ehmke, Ph.D., Director of Research
(919) 401-7222

Volunteers, Student Projects

Erin Hecht, Student and Volunteer Program Coordinator
(919) 401-1561

Address and telephone

Duke Lemur Center
3705 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 401-7240