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Virtual Tour

What is it?

We’re bringing the full General Tour experience to a screen near you — well, minus the unique lemur smells! The tour takes place over a collection of 12 carefully curated videos. Each video ranges from three to 11 minutes long, highlighting each species along the tour path and discussing all the topics that you would see on a general tour here at the DLC. As an added bonus, the videos feature behind-the-scenes footage of the lemurs, giving you an even better close-up look at these amazing animals!

Our education team provided the content, videography, and editing for the entire video series, and all proceeds from registration fees go directly to supporting the DLC’s operations here in North Carolina and across the world in Madagascar.

What does it include?

When you register below for the Virtual Tour, you will receive access to watch the videos (hosted on a password-protected portal DLC website) for one week. You can watch the videos all at once, or one at a time; but we suggest you watch them in our recommended viewing order for the true tour experience. Everyone in your household is welcome to enjoy the Virtual Tour, and there is no limit to how many times you can enjoy them in that week. Written transcripts are available for each episode.

Total watch time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

List of episodes:

Episode 1: Introduction to the Duke Lemur Center
Episode 2: What Is a Lemur?
Episode 3: Coquerel’s Sifakas
Episode 4: Collared Lemurs
Episode 5: Red Ruffed and Black and White Ruffed Lemurs
Episode 6: Mongoose Lemurs
Episode 7: Crowned Lemurs
Episode 8: Blue-eyed Black Lemurs
Episode 9: Ring-tailed Lemurs
Episode 10: Introduction to Nocturnal Prosimians
Episode 11: Mouse Lemurs and Moholi Bush Babies
Episode 12: Aye-ayes
Episode 13: Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemurs
Episode 14: Conclusion and Blooper Reel!

If you are interested in even more virtual programming, we highly recommend you check out our other virtual program options. Access to the Virtual Tour is included in the fees for all of our other virtual programs!

What is the cost?

Virtual Tour registration is $20 plus tax for one week of unlimited video viewing. Registration covers all of the people in your household.

If you are a public school educator, please email us at from your school account to receive complementary FREE access to our Virtual Tour for use in your classroom! This offer for public school educators does not expire, so if you want to use the videos again later in the year, just send us another email, and we are happy to help!

How do I register?

We highly recommend that you check out all of the virtual program options before making your decision, but if you are ready to register for only the Virtual Tour, please click the link below. Please note that all registration fees are non-refundable.

Click HERE to register!