Do you have an old Android phone collecting dust in a drawer somewhere? Please consider donating it to the DLC for our non-invasive research with mouse lemurs! Photos (c) David Haring/Duke Lemur Center and Getty Images.

“Calling” all lemur lovers! 📞 Want to put your old Android phone to good use? The DLC is looking for donations of Android phones to use with our mouse lemurs and touchscreen cognition studies!

In the past, researcher Ray Vagell has used tablet computers for touchscreen color vision research with ruffed lemurs; now, we’d like to create a mini version to use for our littlest lemur residents!

Donated phones can be from any company – Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, etc. – as long as they’re Android devices. (Please note that we can’t accept Apple iPhones.) Phones should be no more than approximately three years old and need to cleared of all personal data. If possible, it would be great if you could send the charging cord, too!

UPDATE: We have all of the smartphones we need! We are so grateful!

A red ruffed lemur participating in color vision research using a touchscreen tablet. The DLC plans to create a mini version of Vagell’s setup to conduct similar studies with mouse lemurs. Photo (c) David Haring/Duke Lemur Center.