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VIDEO: The Lemurs of the SAVA Region

  Enjoy this video created by the DLC-SAVA Conservation team with Malagasy filmmaker Riccardo Morrelas, showcasing the lemurs of the SAVA region of northeastern Madagascar! The Duke Lemur Center partners with Malagasy scientists and local forest managers to study lemurs in remote rainforests. Researchers from CURSA, the university in the northeast region, are studying the […]

Ph.D. Research Opportunity: Dwarf Lemur Hibernation

Ph.D. Research Opportunity: The ecophysiology of dwarf lemur hibernation in northwestern Madagascar By Lydia Greene, Ph.D. October 11, 2022 Project Description We seek a motivated Malagasy student to conduct Ph.D. research on hibernation in wild dwarf lemurs in northwestern Madagascar, under the supervision of Drs. Marina Blanco and Lydia Greene (Duke Lemur Center, Duke University, […]

Learning from a Loss: The story of Winnie, a rare lemur with an even rarer disease

An aye-aye’s cancer diagnosis brings together veterinarians, doctors, and scientists from NC and around the world  By Sally Bornbusch, Ph.D. Originally published in December 2021 in Issue 3 of the Duke Lemur Center’s annual magazine. On June 24, 2020, the DLC welcomed its eighth infant of the season: a rare baby aye-aye. Named “Winifred” after […]

“Poop Soup”: When the gut’s internal ecosystem goes awry, could this gross-sounding treatment make it right?

When the gut’s internal ecosystem goes awry, could an ancient if gross-sounding treatment make it right? By Robin Smith, Ph.D. Originally published on the Duke Research blog on November 17, 2021. Read the original here.  Dr. Cathy Williams knew something wasn’t right. The veterinarian had felt off for weeks after her 2014 trip to Madagascar. […]