It takes a village: Lemur Center vets collaborate with local specialists to heal a rare pygmy slow loris

This winter, specialists from Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital in Durham, NC assisted veterinarians at the Duke Lemur Center in the diagnosis and removal of rare cystine stones in the gallbladder of Junebug, a pygmy slow loris. The team’s detection and successful treatment of Junebug’s gallstones could improve medical care for lorises living at zoos and […]

DLC Director Anne Yoder named Guggenheim Fellow

By Lexi Kadis Originally published in The Chronicle on April 10, 2018 titled “Two Duke professors named Guggenheim Fellows” Two Duke professors have been awarded 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships to pursue studies in their fields. Christopher Bail, Douglas and Ellen Lowey associate professor of sociology and public policy, and Anne Yoder, Braxton Craven professor of evolutionary […]

A new initiative for lemurs in Madagascar

Andrea Katz, who served as the Duke Lemur Center Curator since 2006, has just moved into a new and exciting role: Program Manager, Madagascar Conservation Initiatives! Working with the Government of Madagascar, she will undertake a program to advance animal husbandry, welfare, and breeding programs for ex situ lemur populations in Madagascar. Lemur collections are […]

Notes from the Field: Dwarf and mouse lemur research in Anjajavy, Madagascar

by Marina Blanco, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Project Coordinator, DLC-SAVA Conservation We recently conducted a research mission at Anjajavy, targeting two small-bodied nocturnal lemurs: Microcebus (mouse lemurs) and Cheirogaleus (dwarf lemurs). Broadly speaking, there are two projects we are interested in: (1) we would like to include Anjajavy’s mouse lemurs to our comprehensive database to help elucidate […]