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Three New Programs Launched: Advancing lemur care and management in Madagascar

By Vanessa Moss and Andrea Katz The launch of three brand-new training programs The DLC’s bond with Madagascar has grown even stronger this year with the launch of three training programs that promise to improve lemur care and welfare in both the lemurs’ native and adoptive homes. This spring, through our first-ever collaboration with Mad […]

Photo Essay: Annual sumac harvest for sifakas begins again

It’s that of year again: DLC technicians, equipped with ample supplies of sunscreen, bug spray, water, and clippers, are heading out into the field for the annual month-long period of sumac harvesting! The Lemur Center’s seven chest freezers, all empty since the start of spring, need to be filled with freshly harvested sumac leaves so […]

VIDEO + AUDIO: What do lemurs sound like?

Have you ever wondered what a lemur sounds like? If so, then this video — which is chock full of shrieks, grunts, barks, moos, eeps, and trills — is for you! Lemurs communicate using scent, sight, and sound. Each species has its own “vocabulary” of vocalizations, which may be used to alert fellow group members […]

Infant Announcement: TRIPLETS born at the Duke Lemur Center!

Meet the newest members of the DLC family: fat-tailed dwarf lemur triplets Elephant Bird, Albatross, and Bustard! This tiny trio was born on June 25, 2019 to parents Emu and Kookaburra. (If you haven’t guessed yet, all of the DLC’s dwarf lemurs are named after birds, and our newest arrivals are no exception!) Momma Emu […]