Every year, we celebrate World Lemur Day in appreciation of the remarkable wildlife of Madagascar. The DLC and our partners in Madagascar collaborate in educational activities to raise awareness about lemurs and interest in environmental conservation. In November 2023, the DLC-SAVA Conservation program partnered with local actors to host a World Lemur Day celebration in a rural village near the Marojejy National Park. Over 1,200 people attended, including all the schools in the area, local associations, leaders from the government, Madagascar National Park, WWF, and more. The day was packed with activities including a parade, lessons on lemurs and the environment, speeches by authorities, and local talent groups showcasing their skills, and a question-and-answer session with prizes—all followed by a concert with local artists.

Evaluations conducted during the event highlight that people enjoyed it, learned a lot about lemurs, and are convinced to protect the environment. They also gave us great feedback on how to improve the event for next year! We can’t wait for more opportunities to bring together diverse stakeholders for events like these that are sure to be remembered.

We thank the following organizations and people for their support: World Wildlife Fund, Graine de Vie, Lemur Conservation Foundation, Direction Regional de la Environment et Developpement Durable, Madagascar National Parks, Arsene Ravelojaone, Nandrianina Raveloarimanana, as well as the Cooke, Knox, and Wilfong families for their generous gifts that make these activities possible.