DLC Director Anne Yoder named Guggenheim Fellow

By Lexi Kadis Originally published in The Chronicle on April 10, 2018 titled “Two Duke professors named Guggenheim Fellows” Two Duke professors have been awarded 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships to pursue studies in their fields. Christopher Bail, Douglas and Ellen Lowey associate professor of sociology and public policy, and Anne Yoder, Braxton Craven professor of evolutionary […]

For a glimpse of a world ruled by women, look at lemurs. (They keep the men in check.)

By Elizabeth Anne Brown. Originally published in the Durham News & Observer on March 20, 2o18. Read the original HERE. Liesl, a 9-year-old ring-tailed lemur with the attitude of an Amazon warrior, is the undisputed matriarch of the North Carolina pine forest her family calls home. She and her troop preside over 14 acres of […]

VIDEO: What mouse lemurs can teach us about the aging brain

Like humans, mouse lemurs sometimes develop amyloid brain plaques and other Alzheimer’s-like symptoms as they age. Because mouse lemurs are primates, they are a closer genetic match to humans than mice or rats are. The Duke Lemur Center’s non-invasive research on these tiny primate cousins could help explain the initial stages of Alzheimer’s and other […]

Comedy legend John Cleese visits the Duke Lemur Center

  “John Cleese is a tall person who loves lemurs, coffee and wine.” –And lemurs love John Cleese! On November 7, legendary British comedian John Cleese dropped by the Duke Lemur Center to visit Aemilia the sifaka, Medusa and Agatha the aye-ayes, and members of several other species – including mouse lemurs, the first he’d […]