Notes from the Field: Dwarf and mouse lemur research in Anjajavy, Madagascar

by Marina Blanco, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Project Coordinator, DLC-SAVA Conservation We recently conducted a research mission at Anjajavy, targeting two small-bodied nocturnal lemurs: Microcebus (mouse lemurs) and Cheirogaleus (dwarf lemurs). Broadly speaking, there are two projects we are interested in: (1) we would like to include Anjajavy’s mouse lemurs to our comprehensive database to help elucidate […]

Recent Births: 2018 Infants!

It’s birth season here at the Duke Lemur Center! Birth season began in December with the arrival of Elagabalus (“Gabe”), an endangered sifaka born December 23! Different species breed and give birth at different times, so infants should continue arriving through July and even August, concluding with the last mouse and dwarf lemur births. As birth season draws […]

For a glimpse of a world ruled by women, look at lemurs. (They keep the men in check.)

By Elizabeth Anne Brown. Originally published in the Durham News & Observer on March 20, 2o18. Read the original HERE. Liesl, a 9-year-old ring-tailed lemur with the attitude of an Amazon warrior, is the undisputed matriarch of the North Carolina pine forest her family calls home. She and her troop preside over 14 acres of […]

Charlie’s Travelogue II: Madagascar, 2-24-2018

By Charlie Welch, DLC Conservation Coordinator February 24, 2018 ANTALAHA Today the whole DLC-SAVA team headed south, to the town of Antalaha. First stop was the tree nursery belonging to Madam Marie Helene KAM HYO. Marie Helene is a pharmacist by training and by passion the proprietor of Macolline Reserve – she is a genuine […]