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Annual DLC-SAVA Conservation Newsletter

We’re pleased to share the 2023-24 issue of our annual DLC-SAVA Conservation Newsletter, with news of the DLC’s many conservation-related activities in the SAVA (northeastern) region of Madagascar. As you will see, James, Lanto, and the team have been very busy during the past year! Want to learn more? All of the DLC-SAVA annual updates […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day in Madagascar

By James Hererra, Ph.D. DLC-SAVA Conservation Coordinator Published March 8, 2024 March 8 is International Women’s Day, referred to as ‘Valo Mars’ in Madagascar. Women’s groups across the SAVA region celebrated Women’s Day with the DLC-SAVA Conservation project, supporting several local organizations that are working towards conserving the environment in Madagascar. Since 2019, the DLC-SAVA […]


The First Infant of the 2024 Baby Season! On the morning of December 14, 2023, Lead Primate Technician Danielle Lynch arrived at the Duke Lemur Center and went to check on pregnant Coquerel’s sifaka Rodelinda, only to discover a fuzzy little surprise clinging to mom’s belly! Rodelinda, an experienced mom, had given birth overnight to […]

[JUST FOR FUN] Announcing the 2023 Lemur of the Year: Kidman!

We couldn’t let Taylor Swift have all the fun! In a poll sent out to Duke Lemur Center staff, we asked for nominations for a new Lemur of the Year award. Primate technicians, veterinarians, researchers, educators, and administrators were given the opportunity to nominate a lemur who, in the words of TIME Magazine, “most affected […]