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INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet the Tiniest New Members of the DLC Colony!

It’s a Boy! Meet Baneberry When gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) Indigo strolled out of her nest box for breakfast on June 26, 2023, she was not alone; held gingerly in her mouth was a male infant, the first of our 2023 mouse lemur breeding season. Because adult gray mouse lemurs only weigh between 1 […]


When the Duke Lemur Center’s animal caretakers visited expecting Coquerel’s sifaka mom Pompeia on the morning of March 12, 2023, they discovered that she had given birth overnight to a healthy 89 gram female infant! 14-year-old Pompeia is the niece of Jovian, the Coquerel’s sifaka who played Zoboomafoo on the eponymous hit TV show, making […]

DLC Director & Research Director Visit Madagascar Programs

by James Herrera, DLC–SAVA Conservation Program Coordinator Greg Dye and Dr. Erin Ehmke Visit SAVA While the Lemur Center is perhaps most famous for our world–renowned collection of lemurs at Duke University, we also operate research and conservation projects in Madagascar for over 30 years. In 2011, the previous DLC Director, Dr. Anne Yoder, and […]


For the second time this baby season, we’re excited to announce twins! On May 28, 2023, fat-tailed dwarf lemur mom Tottenham gave birth to one male and one female infant weighing 11.4 grams and 14 grams, respectively. This is Tottenham’s second set of infants with breeding partner Francolin since the pair were introduced in 2020. […]