Introducing NEW Wild Workshops!

Attention serious lemur lovers and science enthusiasts: we have an amazing new educational series for you! Starting in 2019, we will be offering Wild Workshops throughout the year! Each Wild Workshop will focus on a different subject connected to the work the DLC does here and in Madagascar. We’ll do a deep-dive into subjects like […]

2019 Sumac Needed for Sifakas: A message for local landowners

The Duke Lemur Center is home to 32 critically endangered Coquerel’s sifakas, folivorous primates with extremely specialized dietary needs. Because of their sensitive digestive systems, these delicate lemurs need to ingest leaves daily in order to survive and stay healthy. At the Duke Lemur Center, our animal care team harvests fresh redbud, tulip poplar, mimosa, […]

FROM THE ARCHIVES: DLC in the media from ’04 to ’15!

FROM THE ARCHIVES: DLC in the media from ’04 to ’15! Lemurs chat only with their best friends Dec. 28, 2015 Science News Up close with lemur gut bugs Oct. 29, 2015 American Scientist The aye-aye and the finger of death Oct. 29, 2015 Pacific Standard Duke Lemur Center educates and entertains June 23, 2015 […]

Playtime for Lemurs: The Value of Enrichment

Lemurs are intelligent, and because they’re intelligent, they can get bored. So, 365 days of the year, the DLC’s dedicated Primate Technicians help ensure that our lemurs’ lives are interesting! One of those technicians is Kate Byrnes, a four-year veteran of the DLC who works closely with Curator of Behavioral Management Meg Dye to provide novel […]