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All in the Family: Learning Lemur Classifications

By Faye Goodwin, Lead Education Technician From three inches tall to three feet tall; from fat-tailed to bushy-tailed to no-tailed, the lemur family boasts incredible diversity. With 108 species living today, lemurs have spent over 60 million years adapting to the various habitats of Madagascar, resulting in an amazing range of shapes, sizes, and specializations. […]

Things That Go “BOING” in the Night

By Faye Goodwin, Lead Education Technician Creatures of the Night As the sun sets on the forests of Madagascar, the lively hum of insects, birds, reptiles and lemurs ebbs into quiet. Night falls, and a new world begins to emerge in the darkness. The chorus of frogs, the rattle of tenrec spines, and the whisper […]

Fossil Feature: Megaladapis

By Alanna Marron, Lead Education Technician Who Was Megaladapis? Slowly and deliberately, a large creature moves through the tree tops. Its large hands and feet securely grasp the branches as it reaches for a tasty branch of leaves. This is Megaladapis. Also known as the “koala lemur,” Megaladapis is an extinct subfossil lemur from Madagascar. […]

Hot off the Presses! DLC Annual Magazine

The DLC’s 2022-23 annual magazine, dubbed “The Women’s Issue,” is out just in time for the holidays! This year’s 56-page publication highlights female dominance in primatology and the lemur world, female farmers of Madagascar, and the women leading the way at the DLC. We hope these stories will inspire students interested in pursuing careers in […]