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INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: SEVEN new mouse lemur infants in 2021!

The Duke Lemur Center’s final infants of 2021 are our smallest yet, gray mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus)! This year, four first-time moms gave birth to seven healthy infants: Tumbleweed, Cholla, Ocotillo, Indigo, Hydrangea, Speedwell, and Green Bean! Gray mouse lemurs are one of the world’s smallest primates. Infants weigh only three grams when they are […]

Duke Fossils Shine New Light on Mass Extinction Event

Around 30 million years ago, the Earth’s climate shifted from swampy to icy, and 63 percent of mammal species vanished from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. A large collection of fossils housed at the Duke Lemur Center Division of Fossil Primates, representing the life’s work of the late Elwyn Simons of Duke, has enabled scientists […]

Empowering households with fuel-efficient cooking stoves

James Herrera, Program Coordinator, DLC-SAVA Conservation There has been tremendous interest in fuel-efficient cooking stoves, in Madagascar and among the Lemur Center supporter community. And for good reason: these stoves cut charcoal and firewood use by more than half, reduce household air pollution, and save on household budgets. By reducing fuel use, they help reduce […]

Choosy Lemurs Choose Sumac: How Hokie researchers are working to feed lemurs far from home

By David Fleming. Originally published by Virginia Tech on August 16, 2021. Read the original article HERE. In the jungles of Madagascar, the threatened sifaka lemur spends most of its days leaping from tree to tree, searching for leaves and fruit in a forest territory that is increasingly in peril. Halfway across the world, under […]