Video: How does hibernation work?

Click the image above to watch Dr. Faherty’s video!

Have you ever wondered how hibernation works? Or if humans could actually hibernate in real life?! (It’s a common scene in science fiction films, after all!) Check out this informative – and adorably illustrated! – video by Sheena Faherty, Ph.D., one of DLC Director Anne Yoder’s former graduate students. While pursuing her Ph.D. here at Duke, Sheena studied the only primates capable of hibernation behavior: the fat-tailed dwarf lemurs of Madagascar!

To watch, click the image above or click HERE. Then check out these resources to learn even more about these amazing hibernating primates:

The DLC’s dwarf lemur information page

The talk Sheena gave at the DLC’s 50th-anniversary scientific symposium: “Gene expression and physiological extremes in primate hibernation”

Symbolically adopt Raven, a fat-tailed dwarf lemur, through the DLC’s Adopt a Lemur program

Pictured below: Francolin and Mallard, a father-son dwarf lemur duo living in the Nocturnal Building at the Duke Lemur Center.