Enrichment is fun! And, as 10-month-old twins Harriot and Helene demonstrate here, it can be super cute, too!

Did you know that one of the most important aspects of lemur care at the DLC is enrichment? Daily enrichment is an essential part of animal welfare to promote curiosity, exploration, and mental stimulation. Whether it’s weaving the perfect hammock out of fire hose, changing the structure and complexity of the branching inside our lemurs’ habitats, or introducing new smells or sights such as mirrors, our keepers are dedicated to ensuring our lemurs’ lives are interesting!

Yesterday 10-month-old ruffed lemur twins Harriot and Helene and mom Halley had a blast playing with feeder balls stuffed with yummy fruits and veg, while dad Ravo hunted grapes and other treats in a puzzle feeder! These fun toys and feeders are purchased by donors via the DLC’s amazon wishlist and sent directly to the DLC to use in our enrichment program, where they provide fun and physical and mental exercise for our lucky lemurs!

If you’d like to send a special enrichment item to the DLC’s lemurs, please visit our amazon.com wishlist. We, and our lemurs, would be so grateful! Be sure to include your name and email address in the notes field so the lemurs can send a thank-you!


Published April 3, 2019. Photos by Sara Clark.