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03-22 Enrichment For Humans: Celebrating Women in Science

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Background: March is Women’s Month, a month when we celebrate women! At the Duke Lemur Center, it’s important to us that everyone gets a chance to learn and explore. There are lots of awesome women working at the DLC, and many of them are doing really cool science! History is full of amazing women who have contributed to the sciences, even when they haven’t been as recognized as some of their male colleagues!  



  • Using library and internet resources, or your own personal knowledge, choose a female or female-identifying scientist that you would like to feature. 
  • Identify what that scientist studied, and one of their greatest accomplishments. What time did they live in? 
  • Create a work of art that showcases your scientist, their name, and their greatest accomplishments. Get creative! 
  • Finally, share your project with someone to teach them about this awesome female scientist.