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01-22 Enrichment for Humans: Creature Crossing

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Enrichment for Humans: Creature Crossing

In this group activity, learn how humans can help wildlife by creating habitat corridors. Habitat corridors connect different areas of habitat so that wild animals can move freely from one area to another without danger from humans, and so that they can get all of the resources they need to survive. This activity requires teamwork, and a group of at least 5 people.  

Before you begin:  Read more about wildlife corridors here: 


  • “Wasteland” (playing area) 
  • “Trees” (objects that can be stepped on to cross the playing area, like cushions, carpet squares, or pieces of paper/cardboard) 
  • Other players 



  1. Identify your “Wasteland” playing area and mark the boundary of each area. Either side of the wasteland represents habitat fragments. The areas should be pretty far apart (opposite ends of a classroom, basketball court, etc.)  
  1. Gather the players on one side of the wasteland. This is your home habitat. Collect at least as many trees as there are players in your home habitat. 
  1. The whole group must make it across the wasteland to the other habitat fragment, forming a corridor. The only way to cross the road is by planting a tree. Players move across the road on the trees, but if any part of their body touches the road, the whole group has to go back and start over. Additionally, each tree must be in contact with at least one player at all times. If a tree is left alone, it will get cut down and removed from the game. 

*For an extra challenge, limit the number of trees to the number of players. 

*For large groups, split in half and race across the wasteland!