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10-20 Enrichment for Humans: Nighttime Senses

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Nighttime Senses

Background: Some animals come out at night and sleep during the day. Those animals are called nocturnal. Nocturnal animals spend most of their time in the darkness, looking for food and avoiding predators. Because they are active in the dark, many nocturnal animals have special characteristics that help them to get around. Some nocturnal animals have special eyes that help them see better in the dark. Other animals might use their other senses to find food.

Activity (best done with a partner or group)

  1. Find a safe place where the nocturnal animal can move around blindfolded. Alternately, the game can be played in the dark. Establish the boundaries of the playing space.
  2. The other person will be the nocturnal animal’s prey. They are not allowed to leave the playing space.
  3. The nocturnal animal is blindfolded, and the prey is given a ten-second headstart. Once the game begins, the nocturnal animal will try to catch the prey. Please, no running! We want to make sure everyone stays safe during this activity.
  4. To help locate their prey, the nocturnal animal can clap. The prey must clap back, but can keep moving.
  5. If the nocturnal animal fails to catch their prey by the end of the time period (3-5 minutes), then the partners get to switch.

Alternate activity: Go on a night walk or sit outside and listen to the animals around you. Can you tell what they are? Can you tell exactly where they are just using all of your other senses besides your vision?