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08-21 Enrichment for Humans: Lemur Lunch

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Enrichment for Humans: Lemur Lunch

Before you begin:

Your first step is to decide what species of lemur you’d like to be for this activity. Your lemur species will determine what kind of diet is best for you. Since we won’t have lemur chow at home, you can substitute any snack you like for the chow (chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc.). We don’t imagine you’ll want any worms or crickets either, pick something else yummy to substitute (gummy worms, anyone?).

What you’ll need:

Diet table (below)

Lunch ingredients (optional)


Use the lemur species diet table below to create a lemur-inspired lunch menu that both a human and a lemur could enjoy. Think about how much of each food a lemur would need to eat, too!

If you have the ingredients and permission, make your lemur lunch and give it a try! See what your family thinks and share your recipes with the group!