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Have you ever wondered what a lemur sounds like? If so, then this video — which is chock full of shrieks, grunts, barks, moos, eeps, and trills — is for you!

Lemurs communicate using scent, sight, and sound. Each species has its own “vocabulary” of vocalizations, which may be used to alert fellow group members when predators are near, to warn competitors to stay away, or to communicate with group members who might be far away in the forest.

Big thanks to Will Goodwin, our 2019 Communications Intern, for creating this fabulous video for us! Sounds were recorded by Patrick Ross (mouse lemur territorial chatter), Sydney Dye (aye-aye infant contact call), Sara Clark (sifaka “shu-fawk,” aye-aye drumming, ruffed lemur alarm call), and Will Goodwin (all other sounds). Photos were provided by David Haring, Bob Karp, and Will Goodwin.

CLICK HERE or on the image above to be redirected to Youtube to watch (and listen!) to the video!