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Red-bellied Lemur

Eulemur rubriventer


Red-bellied lemurs are medium-sized diurnal lemurs found throughout Madagascar’s eastern rainforests. Red-bellied lemurs are sexually dichromatic: males have completely red-brown fur color and white tear-drop shapes around their eyes while females have red-brown fur on the back and sides with white fur on the undersides and no/little white around the eyes. Males can often be identified by the oily appearance of the fur on top of the head due to scent-marking behavior.

Key Facts

Adult Size : 4.4 – 5.3 pounds

Social life : Sociable, small family groups of 2 – 5 individuals

Habitat : moist forest – eastern lowland rainforest — middle to high altitudes

Diet : fruit, flowers and leaves of 67 different plant species

Lifespan : 20 – 25 years in the wild

Sexual maturity : 2 years

Mating : Extremely seasonal, May – June

Gestation : Approximately 120 days, young are born in September – October

Number of young : one per year

DLC Naming theme : American Indian tribes (Mohawk, Iroquois, Eno, etc.)

Malagasy names : Tongona, Soamiera, Barimaso

Interesting Facts

p0000000314Red-bellied lemurs are sometimes active at night.
Only red-bellied males are reddish-brown all over, females have white bellies.
Male red-bellied lemurs have scent glands on top of their heads.
Male red-bellied lemurs carry their offspring almost as much as the females do!
There is some research to suggest that red-bellied lemurs may form pair bonds.