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Duke Alumni

Dear Duke alumni, students, and family members,

No matter how many years have passed since you unloaded those boxes at the dorm freshman year, we hope you will find time to visit the Duke Lemur Center and meet our lemurs. They, too, are Dukies, whose home on the Duke campus in Duke Forest is one of a kind!

Please join us in our quest to protect these rare and beautiful lemurs who share a common bond with you. Here’s how you can help:

Tell others about us (and keep telling them)

Share/tweet/like/follow us on social media.
Talk with your friends and family about us.
Encourage others to visit us.

Keep learning

Look for stories about lemurs and Madagascar. Watch them. Share them. Help us in our quest to protect lemurs and their dwindling natural habitat. Be advocates for the sciences, too, especially by engaging young people in science and conservation learning opportunities.


While the Duke Lemur Center is a part of Duke University, we rely heavily and increasingly on private donations from individuals like you to further our mission of protecting lemurs and their natural habitat while advancing scientific discovery through non-invasive research! Please consider the Duke Lemur Center as a rewarding Duke giving option and keep us in mind for annual charitable gifts, class and reunion gifts, graduation gifts, and birthdays and holidays.

Come back

When you come back to campus, we hope you will find that the Duke Lemur Center is ALWAYS a welcoming “second home” of your furriest friends and a place where humans (and their friends and families) and prosimians (and their friends and families) are forever bonded by a limitless spirit of respect and love among primate cousins. Keep coming back, and bring your friends and family with you!

Thanks for loving lemurs!

Forever Duke,
Your friends at the Duke Lemur Center