What’s cuter than one baby bushbaby? Two! Please join us in welcoming Mopani and Damara, twin Mohol bushbabies born to mom, Quiver Tree, on April 22nd, 2022.

Mopani and Damara were born on April 22, 2022. Photo by David Haring.

Quiver Tree is an experienced mother (her first infant, Coconut Palm, was the star of Baby Week 2021!) but she has her hands full with these two youngsters! Adult bushbabies can jump 6 feet at a time. While Mopani and Damara aren’t quite as bouncy as they will be as adults, they have plenty of energy and love to climb and explore their environment. To keep the shy Quiver Tree calm, animal care staff members have primarily observed this family through cameras placed in their enclosure.

This species has plenty of energy, even when they are young! Quick checkups are the only time they stay still long enough for photographer David Haring to grab an image.

Mohol bush babies are the only non-lemur species currently housed at the DLC and they are one of our smallest animals. At their largest adult size, they weigh about half a pound (225 grams). At their first exam, the twins weighed only 0.3 ounces (10 grams)! They have continued to grow well over the last six weeks, and we can’t wait to watch them keep growing on a diet of insects, vegetables, and Acacia gum.

How you can help Mohol bushbabies

Send a “baby shower” gift: Make a lemur’s day by sending a special gift in Mopani and Damara’s honor via the DLC’s wishlist!

Contribute to Mopani and Damara’s “scholarship fund”: Did you know it costs $8,400 per year to care for one animal at the DLC—including our newest bush babies? We rely upon donations from individuals like you, who personally invest in our work to care for lemurs and protect their habitat in Madagascar. To learn more about the DLC’s “return on investment,” please see our most recent Impact Report.

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