January 11, 2012

Meet Mosi and Seshat our newest breeding pair of crowned lemurs (Eulemur coronatus)!   Mosi is a 1.5 year old male who arrived at the DLC from the Indianapolis Zoo in early November.  Seshat was born here at the Lemur Center and is also 1.5 years old.  The pair was introduced in mid December, right after Mosi cleared quarantine, and it was love at first sight (or seeing as how we are talking about lemurs, perhaps I should say love at first smell).  I won’t go into the full details of their first encounter, seeing as how this is a family blog; but rest assured, that although perhaps currently a bit young for parenthood, Mosi and Seshat look well suited for future contributions of new members to the critically low crowned lemur captive population!

-David Haring