Two-day-old grey mouse lemur twins Cedar and Magnolia. Eyes slightly open and CUTER THAN BUTTONS! Photo by David Haring.

Meet the DLC’s newest arrivals: grey mouse lemur twins Cedar and Magnolia! This tiny brother-sister pair was born to parents Sriracha and Prickly Pear on July 30, 2019. Both were weighed for the first time on August 1 (48 hours after birth), tipping the scales at 7.6 grams each — the weight of three U.S. pennies. (For comparison, an infant sifaka is approximately the weight of a deck of cards. An infant blue-eyed black lemur weighs as much as a lime.)

Photo by David Haring.

The DLC’s mouse lemurs are named after plants, including herbs, spices, trees, vegetables, and flowers. In addition to Cedar, Magnolia, Sriracha, and Prickly Pear, the DLC houses mouse lemurs named Poblano, Daikon, Hops, Pimento, and Bluebell — just to name a few! And don’t forget triplets Teazel, Pumpernickel, and Bee Balm, born last year to parents Juneberry and Wandering Willie.

Photo by David Haring.

VIDEO! On August 17, Cedar and Magnolia were observed outside the nest box on their own for the very first time, bouncing around their enclosure and vocalizing. Mom Sriracha seemed very relaxed as the infants explored their home. To watch a video of the twins bouncing around their birthing suite and grabbing breakfast with mom, please click HERE.

To learn more about the DLC’s grey mouse lemurs, please visit our Meet the Lemurs webpage.

Welcome to the world, tiny ones! We’re so happy you’re here!


Published August 28, 2019. For more information, please contact:

Sara Clark
Director of Communications, Duke Lemur Center
(919) 401-7251