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An Unusual Creature is Coming out of Winter’s Slumber. Here’s Why Scientists Are Excited.

Duke Lemur Center recreates the seasonal swings of native habitat, helping to unlock the secrets of hibernation. By Robin Smith, Ph.D. Originally published in DukeTODAY on March 12, 2021. DURHAM, N.C. — If you binged on high-calorie snacks and then spent the winter crashed on the couch in a months-long food coma, you’d likely wake […]

Mature Red-bellied Lemur Seeks Soul Mate for Cuddles and Grooming

At the Duke Lemur Center, an innovative plan to keep the animals social late in life: pair them with lemurs of another species. By Sabrina Imbler. Originally published in the New York Times on February 14, 2021. Over the course of her 32 years, Cheyenne the red-bellied lemur has had many soul mates. Her first […]

Lemurs Show There’s No Single Formula for Lasting Love

Brain imaging reveals that not all monogamous mammals are “wired for love” in the same way. By Robin A. Smith, Ph.D. Originally published in DukeTODAY on February 12, 2021. DURHAM, N.C. — Humans aren’t the only mammals that form long-term bonds with a single, special mate — some bats, wolves, beavers, foxes and other animals […]

VIDEO: Lemur Love Late in Life

What happens when a geriatric lemur loses its mate? At the Duke Lemur Center, the staff tries to re-pair them with a new mate, even if it is from a different species! Some species are so rare, it can be difficult to find a compatible new companion of the same species. If a solitary animal […]