Agatha with her mother, Medusa. Photo by David Haring.

By David Haring, DLC registrar and photographer

Under the ever watchful eye of her mom, Medusa, five-month-old Agatha is daily becoming more and more proficient in the art of being an aye-aye! Here she is practicing the finger-tapping skills necessary for any aye-aye who might want to locate insects buried deep in trees, to feed on juicy fruits or slimy eggs, or just to check out a strange or unfamiliar object encountered in their sometimes pitch-black environment. Yesterday technician Julie brought Agatha and Medusa a lovely aged log, chock full of all sorts of tasty grubs! Agatha, following Medusa’s lead, was soon helping rip it apart with her teeth, all the while investigating every rotten nook and cranny with that amazing finger!