Fall newsletter/Annual Report

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Evening with the Experts – December 4th, Hibernation Isn’t Just For Bears

Hibernation Isn’t Just For Bears. Hibernation is a common metabolic strategy found in all major groups of mammals, however, it is rare among primates.  Dr. Marina Blanco will discuss how and why Fat-tailed Dwarf lemurs hibernate.  Dr. Blanco has just returned from Madagascar and will discuss her research and the traits of these fascinating primates.  […]

Remembering a star: Jovian, lemur host of Zoboomafoo, passes

  November, 11, 2014, Durham, NC — A quiet sadness spread over the Duke Lemur Center staff on Monday as news spread that Jovian, a much-loved Coquerel’s sifaka had died of kidney failure at the age of 20.5 years. Within the Lemur Center, Jovian was known as an exceptionally capable and caring father, having sired […]

Evening with the Experts Seminar Series -October

October 22, 2014 6:30pm DLC Lead Technician, Julie McKinney An Unusual House Call – Saving Aye-ayes in Madagascar On the evening of March 15, 2014, in the rainforests of Madagascar, a veterinary team from the Duke Lemur Center made an unusual house call. Their patient was a female aye-aye . She was one of five […]