Rosewood surpasses ivory in black-market value

Rosewood, which grows in the rainforests of Madagascar, has surpassed ivory in terms of illegally harvested and traded plant/animal products worldwide and their black-market value. Sadly, much of Madagascar’s remaining rosewood is in protected areas, such as national parks and reserves, and illegal logging destroys not just the rosewood trees but also the other trees […]

Update & Photos from the SAVA

More stoves in use means fewer trees cut for fuel  By Charlie Welch, DLC Conservation Coordinator   DLC-SAVA Conservation is fortunate to have third-year Peace Corps volunteer Libby Davis working with us in a collaborative role! Libby did her first two years with the Peace Corps in the SAVA region, then chose to stay on […]

Baby Agatha Grows Up

By David Haring, DLC registrar and photographer Under the ever watchful eye of her mom, Medusa, five-month-old Agatha is daily becoming more and more proficient in the art of being an aye-aye! Here she is practicing the finger-tapping skills necessary for any aye-aye who might want to locate insects buried deep in trees, to feed […]

Comedy Legend John Cleese Visits the Duke Lemur Center

  “John Cleese is a tall person who loves lemurs, coffee and wine.” –And lemurs love John Cleese! On November 7, legendary British comedian John Cleese dropped by the Duke Lemur Center to visit Aemilia the sifaka, Medusa and Agatha the aye-ayes, and members of several other species – including mouse lemurs, the first he’d […]