Models Predict Where Lemurs Will Go as Climate Warms

Climate Change Could Squeeze Lemurs Into Smaller Ranges by 2080 Robin Smith February 18, 2015, Durham, NC — Anticipated climate changes in coming decades are likely to leave a lot of Madagascar’s lemurs looking for new places to live. A new study predicts where the cat-like primates are likely to seek refuge if average temperatures throughout […]

Zoboomafoo’s Fifth Granddaughter Born at Duke

March 2, 2015 — A little more than two months after the TV-star lemur known as Zoboomafoo died at age 20, his fifth grandbaby — a girl — has been born at the Duke Lemur Center. Her name is Isabella, and she’s doing great. Her grandfather’s real name was Jovian, and his legacy lives on […]

Madagascar’s rosewood bleeds anew

February 12, 2015–  Rosewood logging begins again in Madagascar. Following the political coup in Madagascar in 2009, timber barons sent loggers into Madagascar’s protected forests to harvest precious woods, like ebony and rosewood. Thousands of trees were cut to be sold illegally on international markets by poor Malagasy making very little money for their dangerous, illegal […]