Stand for Lemurs on World Lemur Day, October 29

full page banner v2Celebrate the World Lemur Festival October 29-31

Lemurs and humans are primates. Lemurs have ten fingers and ten toes. Humans have ten fingers and ten toes, too.

The island of Madagascar may only have 10% of its natural vegetation remaining.
On World Lemur Day, October 29, we’re asking everyone to “Show us your Ten!” Post or Tweet a picture of those primate toes with the hashtag #StandforLemurs. Let everyone know you gave your $10 to promote lemur awareness, science and conservation!

Ways to Join the Celebration!

  1. Join us on October 29, 2015! Post your photo online with the hashtag #StandforLemurs. Pledge your $10 gift online or text “Give 15569” to 80088 on your mobile phone (Message and data rates may apply. Only works for US mobile phones.) Show everyone you love lemurs!
  2. Find Lemur Supporters on campus at Duke University Bryan Center and West Campus bus stop throughout the day to join the fun and show your lemur love!
  3. Run for Lemurs! Come to Bean Traders near Southpoint Mall in Durham for a fun, informal 10k run to support lemurs. We start at 6:30am. Run for as little or as long as you want, and make your $10 donation while on that runner’s high.

Lemurs are now the most threatened group of mammals on Earth, and they’re humans’ most distant primate cousins. Scientists and conservationists study and protect lemurs every day at the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, NC and in Madagascar. Your support continues the scientific work ongoing at the Lemur Center, and your support ensures that we continually provide our lemur relatives the best care possible. SAVA Conservation activities in Madagascar — environmental education, fish farming, capacity building, fuel efficient stoves, public health initiatives, sustainable agriculture and more — are completely funded by foundations and private donors like you. We protect the forests and the lemurs that rely on them.


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