This year’s Senior Giving Challenge at Duke University is focusing, in part, on the Duke Lemur Center! Here’s what Duke senior Annabella Helman has to say about her experience as a student at the DLC, and why she’s donating her senior gift to us:

The Duke Lemur Center played a large role in shaping my Duke experience. I’ve spent countless hours researching, caring for, and simply hanging out with the DLC’s lemurs every year since I stepped foot on Duke’s campus. That’s why I’m donating my senior gift to them.

While the DLC is working to conserve the critically endangered, wild populations of lemurs on the island of Madagascar, they are also taking care of over 200 lemurs in Durham. Did you know that it takes on average $8,400 to feed, house, and provide enrichment for just one lemur per year?

Visitors are usually the lifeblood of that funding… enter the pandemic. I’m donating my senior gift to the DLC, and I’m urging everyone I know to help close the gap. Small gifts from students, like us, add up to big impact for the DLC and for Duke’s rankings. Adopt a lemur for just $50 to get cute video updates that will make your heart explode 💓

Donate easily with Venmo! Search for @dukeseniorfund and then type in your Duke ID with the place you want to donate. (Ex: arh75 – Duke Lemur Center). Donate any amount to your passion at Duke – or mine!

Thank you so much, Annabella!

Not a Duke student but want to support the DLC’s work at Duke and in Madagascar? Become a “lemur parent” by symbolically adopting a lemur, or visit our donations homepage. Your gift makes so much possible!