Do Valentine’s Day the LEMUR way! Below are five of our favorite ways to remember the DLC this season and help us spread the lemur love!

1. Send a LEMURS & ROSES e-Valentine ($25)

Collage of lemurs eating roses

For a gift of just $25, we’ll send a personalized message and special Valentine’s Day video to your “special someone” on February 14! Featuring the DLC’s lemurs playing with — and snacking on! — a dozen red roses, this adorable video valentine is guaranteed to warm the heart of your loved one. Order your valentine between now and 8:00 a.m. EST on February 14.

2. Adopt a Lemur for Your Valentine ($50+)

Ruffed lemur Halley sitting on a demolished rose

For a gift of $50 or more, you can symbolically adopt one of the DLC’s lemurs and designate a gift recipient to receive a welcome packet and quarterly updates on the lemur’s life over the coming year! Include anything in your personal message referencing Valentine’s Day, and we’ll send an email to your gift recipient on February 14 saying an adoption packet is in the mail... along with a link to this year’s LEMURS & ROSES valentine video! Deadline to place your order for this special valentine message to your gift recipient is 8:00 a.m. EST on February 14.

Please note we cannot guarantee delivery of the packet via postal mail before Valentine’s Day. If you would like to pick up your packet from the gift shop to give to your gift recipient personally, include that request in the comments/message field.

3. Choose a Valentine’s Gift for the DLC’s Lemurs ($5+)

Two dwarf lemurs snuggled in a yellow fleece nesting pouch donated from the DLC's wishlist

Don’t forget your favorite non-human primates on Valentine’s Day! Shop the DLC’s wishlist and send a fun toy, snuggly bed, or tasty treat as a V-Day present to the DLC’s lucky lemurs!

4. Grab Some Goodies from the DLC Gift Shop ($8+)

Two "Love and Lemurs" Valentine's Day wineglasses

We have lots of adorable lemur-y things, ranging from soft plushies to cozy sweatshirts and cute wine glasses! We’re open from 9:00 a.m. ’til 4:00 pm. seven days a week, and parking is simple and free. Please consult our driving directions as our main entrance from Erwin Road is temporarily closed. You do not need a reservation to visit the shop, but you will need to reserve a tour ahead of time if you’d like to see the lemurs while you’re here.

Shopping for someone who has it all? Purchase a gift certificate for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Gift certificates are available for nearly all of the DLC’s general and premium tours! Order in-store or by calling (919) 401-7240.

5. A gift to the DLC is GOOD for YOU! 

Mongoose lemur brothers Mico and Ignacio with heart-shaped enrichment toy

Treat yourself to a good feeling all year long with a special donation to the Duke Lemur Center! We rely on donations from people like you who care about our work. Individual and business gifts mean so much to us!