Valentine’s Day: Lemurs & Roses

Our 2019 Valentine’s Day promotion has ended. Thanks so much for participating! We’re truly grateful for your love and support!

Commonly Asked Questions

Where does my donation go? Funds raised by the sale of our LEMURS & ROSES valentines go right back to the lemurs, covering their food, housing, and veterinary care as well as conservation initiatives in their native Madagascar. Visit our donations page for more ways to give.

When will the valentines be sent? Valentines will be sent to your chosen recipient via email on February 14. Each email will include an e-card with a personalized message (optional; please specify in the "Message to Gift Recipient" field when placing your order) and a link to our special LEMURS & ROSES video.

How much is it? We request a minimum donation of $25 for each valentine ordered.

Can I give you more than one email address for the same order? Just one recipient per order, please - though of course we'd love for you to order multiples and send lemur valentines to EVERYONE on your V-Day gift list!

Can the DLC mail a valentine to a physical ('snail mail') address? Nope. These valentines can be sent via email only.

How late can I submit my order? For guaranteed delivery on Valentine's Day, please submit your order before noon EST on February 13. Orders placed the morning of February 14 will go out later that day; but if you place your order after 2:00 p.m. on February 14, your recipient may not receive the video until AFTER Valentine's Day.

What to Expect on Valentine's Day

On the morning of February 14, we will send the link to your loved one in an email including your personal message. We will also send a copy of their email message to you. Later that morning, if you have not heard from them yet to thank you for it, check-in with your loved one and ask him/her if they received your special Valentine’s Day email. If they check their inbox and don’t see it, have them check their SPAM/junk folder. If it is missing, you can either forward your message to them directly since you will have your own copy of it, or contact us and we will re-send it!

Special note re: late orders submitted after 12:00 noon EST on February 13: We will accept late orders until 10:00 a.m. on the morning of February 14, when will end the promotion. Please note, though, that if you order your Valentine after noon on February 13 but before 10:00 a.m. on February 14, your Valentine and video link may not go out until the afternoon of the 14.


Thank you so much for your support! If you have questions or need any help completing your order, please contact Mary Paisley at






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