Infant Coquerel's sifaka Scipio

Two-month-old Scipio. Photo by David Haring.

On March 19, 2023, Coquerel’s sifaka Magdalena gave birth to a 108g male infant. Scipio (“SIP-ee-oh”) is Magdalena’s first infant with breeding partner Gratian. Despite being a first-time mom, Magdalena already has infant experience—she was very involved in the care of her younger brother, Terence, from a young age.

Adult Coquerel's sifaka Magdalena sitting with infant against her chest

Scipio with mother Magdalena. Can you see the family resemblance yet? Photo by David Haring.

Like all Coquerel’s sifaka infants born at the DLC, Scipio’s name comes from ancient Rome. This little guy is named after Scipio Africanus, a Roman general who led his army to victory over Carthage in the Second Punic War. Scipio was known as a brilliant tactician, outsmarting Carthaginian general Hannibal in the Battle of Zama. Our little sifaka has big shoes to fill!

Infant Coquerel's sifaka clinging to a plush bear inside a container for weighing

37-day-old Scipio is placed delicately by our trained animal technicians onto a stuffed bear in a small container for a routine baby weighing. Photo by Abby Flyer.

Gratian has been an exceptionally respectful partner and father. During his first introduction to his son, Gratian was observed singing to Magdalena and Scipio. Since then, our animal technicians have frequently seen Gratian grooming and carrying his son whenever Magdalena lets him. They have described Gratian as “the perfect father.”

Two adult Coquerel's sifaka grooming an infant

Parents Magdalena and Gratian have often been seen sitting in a basket together and grooming their son. Photo by David Haring.

Once Scipio gets a little bigger, his family will have access to free-range in six acres of forest. We can’t wait to watch him gain confidence as he explores this big, wide world—under close supervision from mom and dad, of course!

Infant sifaka peeking out from behind mom's back

A curious Scipio peeks out from behind Magdalena’s back. Photo by David Haring.