Click anywhere on the image above to see more images from this amazing fall event! Photo by Banks Clark. 

By Mary Paisley. Posted November 21, 2018.

Thanksgiving week is a great time to reflect on and be thankful for the generous support we received through our Mission: Madagascar event on October 6th! It was a wonderful celebration! We’ve updated the event homepage, added photos from the big evening, and compiled a list of our 2018 donors of $125 and more to Madagascar Conservation Programs. Thanks to everyone who made the event a huge success! We enlisted more than $50,000 and plan to build on that success next year.

Speaking of next year… We’d love for YOU to save the date for the first Saturday of October — that’s October 5, 2019! If you have a timeshare or other great in-kind donation that you would like to contribute toward next year’s silent auction, our online donation form is still up and ready to accept commitments. Thanks for Giving!!!