Ever wondered how lemurs choose their mates, how many infants a lemur can have, or why the DLC participates in a conservation breeding program? Join us for our very first Wild Workshop of 2020, Love and Lemurs, on February 23 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.! We’ll take a deep dive into the science of lemur reproduction, sharing the answers to these questions and so much more!

Registration is required, and this workshop is limited to just 16 people… so register soon! This workshop sold out last year in less than 24 hours! Learn more and register here:

Free wine + frank discussions of primate sexuality mean this workshop is adults only (ages 21+). If you or someone in your party is too young to participate, don’t worry! We plan to offer Wild Workshops for all ages in this new educational series, so bookmark our Wild Workshops homepage and stay tuned for more options!

We’re offering three different workshops this spring! Learn more via the Wild Workshops homepage: