By James Herrera, Ph.D.
Coordinator, DLC-SAVA Conservation

In Madagascar, we’re still celebrating World Lemur Day! On November 18 in Sambava, many partners collaborated to host a spectacular day of events for local schools. Starting with a parade through the city, in which each school dressed according to different themes, the celebration moved to a beachside outdoor venue with educational presentations by hosting partners, including the mayor, Ministry of Environment, WWF, Lemur Conservation Foundation, DLC, and Missouri Botanical Garden, among others. In the afternoon, more fun-filled lemur presentations were followed by Q&As with prizes for the kids.

Performances by local youth groups were interspersed, highlighting the talents of Sambava’s students. Lemur-inspired parade themes and performances were judged, as were poetry, dance, and art contests. Winners earned a trip to Marojejy National Park and tree planting events at their schools. After educational lesson plans, students were tested on their knowledge during Q&As, and were awarded prizes ranging from lemur coloring books and crayons to fuel-efficient cooking stoves, t-shirts, and other fun gifts.

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