By James Herrera, Ph.D.
Coordinator, DLC-SAVA Conservation

Rice agriculture is a fundamental cultural, economic, and environmental issue in Madagascar. Most farmers, especially in the SAVA region in the northeast, grow rice to feed their families. Traditional farming practices, however, are becoming unproductive due to low-quality seed stock, declining soil health, and climate change, among other factors. This creates challenges of food insecurity and additional pressure on forested land to clear new fields.

At DLC-SAVA Conservation, we are partnering with Evrard Benasoavina and the New Generation School Garden, among other partners, to teach improved rice agriculture practices for local farmers. With Evrard’s demonstration site, it’s possible to bring farmers to see and practice new techniques, which they can then implement on their own land. Stay tuned for more updates as we watch Evrard’s rice grow over the next few months.

If you’re interested in supporting these efforts, please consider making a tax-deductible donation, with specific requests to support Evrard’s New Generation School Garden, on our Targeted Impact Gifts site.

Published December 12, 2022.