Our second new addition of the 2022 infant season is already a star! Join us in welcoming Silas, born January 12, 2022, to parents Gisela and Rupert! Gisela was born at the DLC in 2012 and is the daughter of Jovian (aka Zoboomafoo) and Jovian’s longtime mate, Pia. In addition to his parents, Silas’ family also includes older siblings Cassia, born in 2021, and Didius, born in 2020.

Welcome Silas, the second infant born at the DLC in 2022! Photo by David Haring.

Like all Coquerel’s sifakas born at the Duke Lemur Center, Silas has been given a Roman-inspired name and means “man of the forest”. While Silas has some growing to do before he takes on the forest, we can’t wait to see him bounce and play with his siblings in their Natural Habitat Enclosure this summer!

Routine check-ups make sure infants are growing strong and healthy. Silas passed his exam by veterinarian Laura Ellsaesser, D.V.M (right), and his caretaker, Liz Sullivan (left) with flying colors! Photo by David Haring.

Experienced mom Gisela has been hard at work managing her family’s interactions with infant Silas. In lemur society, adult females are in charge, followed by their offspring. Big siblings Cassia and Didius have adjusted to the change an infant brings and are often seen grooming and holding him. As the adult male, Rupert is the lowest ranking member of the group, but still sneaks in some Silas time under Gisela’s watchful eye!

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