The Duke Lemur Center’s final infants of 2021 are our smallest yet, gray mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus)! This year, four first-time moms gave birth to seven healthy infants: Tumbleweed, Cholla, Ocotillo, Indigo, Hydrangea, Speedwell, and Green Bean!

This year, the Duke Lemur Center welcomed SEVEN new gray mouse lemur infants! Photo provided by Jodi Stirk.

Gray mouse lemurs are one of the world’s smallest primates. Infants weigh only three grams when they are born, about the same size as a single grape! They grow quickly and reach their adult size in just a few months. Due to their small size, the gray mouse lemur is one of Madagascar’s most widespread, abundant, and adaptable lemur species although rarely housed in human care.

Mouse lemurs are the smallest primates at the Duke Lemur Center. Animal care staff quickly weigh the infants every other day to makes sure they are healthy. After their weight check, the infants are returned to their nest boxes. Photos provided by Jodi Stirk.

Infants at the Duke Lemur Center are named following a species-wide naming theme. Mouse lemurs are named after flowers, plants, and spices. This year, animal care staff took inspiration from cactuses of the American Southwest, their favorite garden flowers, and the canned vegetable aisle to name the newest residents of the DLC.

Green Bean is the first named infant of his keeper’s career at the Duke Lemur Center. To celebrate this special occasion, photographer David Haring put together a themed photo shoot.

How you can help gray mouse lemurs

Send a “baby shower” gift: Make a lemur’s day by sending a special gift in honor of one of our new arrivals via the DLC’s wishlist!

Contribute to a mouse lemur’s “scholarship fund”: Did you know it costs $8,400 per year to care for one lemur at the DLC—including each of these seven new infants?  We rely upon donations from individuals like you, who personally invest in our work to care for lemurs and protect their habitat in Madagascar. To learn more about the DLC’s “return on investment,” please see our stewardship booklet and 2020 director’s report.

Adopt a gray mouse lemur:If you want to learn more about gray mouse lemurs AND help support their care and conservation, please consider symbolically adopting through the DLC’s Adopt a Lemur Program! Your adoption goes toward the $8,400 per year cost it takes to care for each lemur at the DLC, as well as aiding our conservation efforts in Madagascar. You’ll also receive quarterly updates and photos, making this a fun, educational gift that keeps giving all year long! Adoption packages start at just $50. Please visit ourAdopt a Lemur homepageto learn more. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support —we couldn’t do this work without you!