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Aye-aye Pod
Aye-aye Pod
S0E0 Welcome to Aye-aye Pod

For our introductory episode, we thought we’d start with the basics – What is the Duke Lemur Center? Who are your hosts? And why are they starting a podcast? Join Education Programs Manager Megan McGrath and DLC Museum of Natural History Curator Matt Borths, Ph.D. for this introduction to our new podcast covering all things lemur: science, research, conservation, husbandry, Madagascar, and more!

Each mini-season will be focused on a particular subject, and weekly episodes will include discussions and interviews with experts to learn as much as we can about these amazing primates together. Our first season, coming in late 2022, will focus on the podcast’s namesake, and your hosts’ favorite primate species, the aye-aye!

To learn more about the Duke Lemur Center, check out the links below: