It’s been a drizzly Friday at the DLC, but thankfully not much more than that from Hurricane Florence so far! The winds have been off and on and have become more steady this afternoon. There are small branches down on Lemur Lane and around the DLC but nothing damaging. And as usual, our world-class animal care and veterinary teams, as well as our maintenance department, have been superb! They have also been dry, thanks to the ponchos donated via our amazon wishlist! (Thank you, friends!!) As of 4:00 PM, the entire colony has been fed, enriched, and tucked in for the evening. Thank you, everyone, for all of your support and well-wishes!

Coquerel’s sifakas Elliot and Beatrice were brought in from free-ranging early this week. Here, Primate Tech Liz gives them fresh browse (leaves), some of which she’s stuffed into feeder balls. The balls present a fun challenge for Beatrice and Elliot while they’re inside waiting out the hurricane.

Mmm, fresh browse!

Ruffed lemur Kalani waits out the storm in a hammock made by animal care staff.

Primate Tech Jodi delivers fresh hibiscus flowers to a ring-tailed lemur – bringing “the outside in” to the lemurs tucked inside during the storm.