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Biological Samples

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The DLC Research Department maintains a large inventory of biological samples that are available for scientific study by qualified individuals (e.g., researchers) or institutions (e.g, research centers or museums). Private individuals and the general public do not qualify.

Samples such as blood, serum, and urine are banked opportunistically from our living colony during routine physical exams or other veterinary procedures. Tissues are collected from animals that have died of natural causes, and they are preserved in a variety of ways suitable for DNA, RNA, and histopathological analysis. Cadavers are kept frozen and are also available.

In addition, animal data such as age at sampling, health status, cause of death, pedigree, breeding status, animal housing history, etc. are available for most samples.

If you are interested in samples that the DLC does not have banked, requests can be made to schedule sample collection (e.g., odor samples from scent glands) or for them to be collected according to a specific methodology as they become available (e.g., fresh samples at necropsy).

If you are a qualified researcher interested in obtaining biological samples, please contact the Research Department at to discuss sample availability and to request the appropriate approval forms.

Projects requiring small numbers of more widely available material will be filled by the DLC Research Manager directly, and can generally be shipped within a week. Projects requiring rare or large numbers of samples, however, must be first reviewed by the DLC Research Committee.