April 4, 2012 — A recently released conservation oriented film by the BBC, which features DLC’s own Dr. Erik Patel, has just won accolades at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana!  In addition to Erik’s research on silky sifakas, “Madagascar, Lemurs, and Spies” also features undercover work by Sascha Von Bismarck of the Environmental Investigation Agency, on the illegal precious wood trade in Madagascar. The film won the following awards: Best in category of conservation, Best conservation message, and Merit for cinematography. The film was shot mostly in northeastern Madagascar, including forest footage in Marojejy National Park, within the SAVA region covered by our DLC conservation initiative that is led by Erik.

“Madagascar, Lemurs, and Spies has shown in the UK (March) and will no doubt at some point appear on US television, so keep an eye out! For more information on the film go to