Clancy, a critically endangered mongoose lemur (Eulemur mongoz) is our first infant of Baby Week 2021! All week long we will be celebrating the newest residents of the Duke Lemur Center. Photo by David Haring.

Our first infant of Baby Week 2021 is Clancy, a critically endangered mongoose lemur!

Clancy was born on April 18th, 2021, to parents Maddie and Duggan. While other mongoose lemurs born at the DLC have been given Spanish names, Clancy’s name is Scottish in origin, to match his father’s. Clancy means “red-haired warrior”,—a fitting title for the bold, ginger fur this little one is rocking!

Over time, the red should fade, and Clancy will grow the fur pattern of adult male mongoose lemurs: gray bodies with orange under their chins. This is a sexually dichromatic species, so females’ coloration is a little different, with white fur under their chins.

Mongoose lemur Maddie climbing and foraging with Clancy.

Having a clinging infant does not slow Maddie down! She is eating, climbing, and foraging well. Photos by David Haring.

Experienced mom Maddie seems perfectly at ease with her newest infant, moving through her enclosure comfortably with him clinging to her and spending most of her day relaxing on fleece-lined shelves placed throughout the space. Her keepers are more than willing to move at her pace, offering new structures as enrichment for her to relax on while she cuddles and grooms her new addition. As Clancy has gotten a little more independent, he can frequently be seen climbing over and on top of his relaxed parents.

Mongoose lemur Maddie rests in her basket.

While baby Clancy is beginning to climb and explore his space, Maddie prefers to spend her day relaxing. Photo by David Haring.

Not only is this pair great parents, they are research pros! Currently, Maddie and Duggan are helping in a non-harmful research study looking at how monogamous bonds form in different mammals, a continuation of research published earlier this year. With Maddie helping to advance science and conserve her species, she’s proving that moms really can do it all!

Join us for BABY WEEK 2021!

The Duke Lemur Center has welcomed numerous infants this summer through our conservation breeding program, and we’re announcing five—yes, FIVE! —of the newest babies this week!

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Two mongoose lemurs touch their heads together.

Mongoose lemurs Maddie (right) and Duggan (left) recently welcomed Clancy into their lemur family. Photo by David Haring.

How you can help mongoose lemurs

Send a “baby shower” gift: Make a lemur’s day by sending a special gift in Clancy’s honor via the DLC’s wishlist!

Contribute to baby Clancy’s “scholarship fund”: Did you know it costs $8,400 per year to care for one lemur at the DLC—including baby Clancy?  We rely upon donations from individuals like you, who personally invest in our work to care for lemurs and protect their habitat in Madagascar. To learn more about the DLC’s “return on investment,” please see our stewardship booklet and 2020 director’s report.

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