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Madagascar Trip 2017

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This tour is no longer available.

Click HERE to read about our 2018 tour instead! 


Magical Madagascar EcoTour 2017

Date: June 19, 2017-July 1, 2017
Region: Africa
Activity Level: Strenuous
Arrangements: Terra Incognita Ecotours

Note that, even though the trip is offered by Duke Alumni Travel in collaboration with the DLC, you do NOT need to be a Duke alum to join us on this journey!

Madagascar is one of the highest conservation priorities on the planet due to its high level of endemic biota, and the rapid rate at which much of that biota is unfortunately disappearing. We invite you to be part of this exclusive and remarkable adventure to one of the most extraordinary places on earth. In addition to the many splendors of this unique island country, you’ll experience exclusive areas not open to tourists. The Duke Lemur Center has been working in Madagascar for 30 years, and we’ll have access to rarely visited areas and Duke-connected conservation projects. You’ll also meet with conservation and research experts, providing a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Madagascar is home to all of the world’s lemurs (some 100+ species) and over half of the world’s chameleons, in addition to more than 170 species of frogs. There is no question that Madagascar is a nature lover’s dream and an exceptional photographic destination! Our itinerary is designed to cover many of the island’s highlights, including six different ecosystems with a diversity of wildlife and photographic subjects. We have chosen these six stops to showcase the incredible diversity in landscape flora and fauna common to each of these areas.

The tour will be led by Duke Lemur Center conservation coordinator Charlie Welch, who lived and worked in Madagascar for 15 years. In keeping with the principles of responsible ecotourism, we will make a donation to the Lemur Center’s SAVA Conservation Project; employ local people; use locally owned and operated lodges and outfitters; and use local goods and services. This is a journey that will make a positive impact on both you and the areas we visit.

Duke Faculty: Charles Welch, Conservation Coordinator, Duke Lemur Center.

“Magical Madagascar” is offered by Duke Alumni Travel in collaboration with the DLC. To reserve your space, please visit the Duke Alumni Travel website. We hope you’ll join us on this trip of a lifetime! Click here to view the 2017 full-color brochure.

Note: You do NOT have to be a Duke alum to join us on this trip! 

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