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Corporate Volunteer Service

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Corporate Volunteer Service

Interested in bringing your corporate team to the DLC for some community service and lemur fun? Consider our Corporate Service Package, which includes the following: 

-2 hours of service work

-60 minute Walking with Lemurs or Behind the Scenes Tour (weather dependent)

-Group photo

-Certificate of service

Price: $40 + tax per person

Group Size: 8-15 people

Service: A service day at the DLC consists of two hours assisting with outdoor center maintenance: anything from mulching in gardens, hauling gravel to animal enclosures, pulling weeds, clearing paths through forested habitats, etc. Projects vary by season and weather. Volunteers get a more behind-the-scenes look of the center and help us with much needed fall/spring cleaning. Gloves and tools are provided.

Tour: On a Walking tour, participants are guided through one of our nine naturally forested habitats to see lemurs leaping from tree to tree and exploring the NC forest. Though there will not be a barrier between you and the lemurs, the lemurs will not directly interact with any guests. We encourage natural behaviors from our lemurs, ensuring a safe and unique experience of what it would be like to wander the forests of Madagascar. On a Behind the Scenes tour, participants spend the majority of the time in areas that are typically off-limits to visitors, seeing the DLC through the eyes of its dedicated staff. Participants will see lemurs in their indoor enclosures and will hear about species’ natural history and the family history of the groups that there are viewing.

How to Book: Complete a service request form for Fall 2024. Please contact Erin Hecht ( with any additional questions.