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Carrie’s Keeper for A Day Experience

My name is Carrie and I did the Keeper for A Day tour on Saturday, February 18, 2017. Faye was my guide and she was AWESOME!  

My fiancé gave me the Keeper for A Day experience as a birthday present – he knew that lemurs are some of my favorite animals, and I had no idea that a place like Duke Lemur Center existed!  I loved this experience – I got to learn so much about the various species, their special adaptations and family structures, their incredible intelligence, and the basics of how they live their lives – from how they move to how they eat.

Getting to do things like prepare lunch for the aye-ayes, watch a training session with a matriarch from a black & white ruffed lemur group, and hose out the enclosures really makes you appreciate how much work goes into caring for these incredible animals every single day.

I loved how un zoo-like the DLC is – because this special place is all about the lemurs, not the humans.  Getting so up close and personal with these creatures that are so rare and special is something that I’ll never forget.

My favorite part of the day was going out into the woods to bring some tasty leaves to a group of sifaka. Watching them hop over and excitedly grab leaves was just magical! They are fascinating and beautiful and so incredibly similar to us humans!

I told my fiancé that besides the day he proposed, my day at Duke Lemur Center was one of the happiest of my life!

I hope to come back to DLC many times, and plan to do all I can to support their great work from a distance!

With gratitude,

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